Hilly Hundred Meets CLOAK'D

CLOAK’D is looking for bicycle events! In October 2016, CLOAK’D joined the Hilly Hundred bicycle race in Elletsville, Indiana as a vendor. It was great to see the reactions on the riders faces when they found out about our one-of-a-kind water resistant bicycle saddle bag with a built-in water resistant seat cover.

Not only were the cyclists happy to have a water resistant seat cover, but moreover, they loved the size of our CLOAK’D saddle bag, the reflective piping around the entire saddle bag, the reflective strip on the front, and the rigid leather base that repels up-splash from the rear tire.

We had a fantastic time interacting and meeting all of the cyclists that came out for the race. We got to learn more about their stories, where they came from in order to ride the hills of Indiana, how long they have been riding, and what they love about the sport, and much more.

It was also absolutely incredible seeing the CLOAK’D bicycle saddlebag strapped to so many of the Hilly Hundred bicycles. We are extremely excited to meet more of you; therefore, if you know of any bike races CLOAK’D can/should attend please let us know! We will also be looking and contacting bicycle race managers in order to set up a CLOAK’D booth. We look forward to seeing you all soon!




That New CLOAK'D Smell.

Where it all began:

Over two years ago, Griffin Sinn, was walking to class during a dreary, rainy day on the Indiana University campus. He came across a row of bicycles and noticed that all of the seats had been wrapped with plastic bags in an attempt to prevent the rain from seeping through and soaking the bike seat, an occurrence which would ultimately soak the rider's hindquarters.

Since that very moment, Griffin began working on a solution to the problem of wasteful, unappealing, and oftentimes leaky plastic bags. Rather than just creating a bicycle seat cover, he decided to combine a seat cover with the already popular and widely-used bicycle saddle bag, making the product even more convenient for cyclists. 

Just recently:

During mid-2015 Seth King joined the CLOAK'D team, and since then the two have been working tirelessly to bring CLOAK’D to life while ensuring the creation of a quality, convenient, aesthetically pleasing, one-of-a-kind product. Just six months ago, the team was struggling to figure out things like the content, colors, sizing, and barcoding the retail packaging.


CLOAK'D has come a long way over the past two years, and today marks a major milestone in the journey, as the team has just received its first bulk order of 1,000 units. The founders of CLOAK'D are beyond excited to share their patenting-pending product with you, as well as their story. They know that there are a lot of you out there who are thinking up your own ideas and moving forward in your own journey to bring those ideas to life. Our advice: Keep going, keep working hard, and don’t be scared to fail. The CLOAK'D team knew nothing when they began this endeavor, and through hard work and a lot of trial and error, they have wound up here. The team has a looooong way to go, but today really proves that it’s all possible!

Shout out:

From us here at CLOAK'D, thank you again to everyone who has pre-ordered CLOAK’D and has patiently waited for the order to arrive. Also, thank you to everyone for supporting us and helping to spread the word--it truly means the world to us.

Your story:

Working on your own project? We would love to hear how it’s going! Feel free to reach out to us and “keep on keepin' on!”



CLOAK'D on a Boat!

Hello Loyal Customers & Followers,

We are beyond thrilled to share that the CLOAK’D Saddle Bag initial order is on a boat...the Hanoi Bridge Vessel, to be exact! With a mid-March expected dock date, you should prepare yourselves to receive your long anticipated CLOAK’D Saddle Bag beginning-to-mid April! Until then pre-orders are still available at massive discounts. Boom! 

If you haven’t already, pre-order here using promo code “CLOAKDONABOAT” to receive a CLOAK’D Saddle Bag with a built in water-resistant seat cover for only $19.99! 

Seth and Griffin

Hanoi Bridge Vessel

Hanoi Bridge Vessel

Mass Production is Underway!

We are beyond excited to share that mass production is underway for our first batch of CLOAK’D Saddle Bags! This is an unreal feeling, as it wasn’t long ago that I was walking to class and came up with the idea after seeing countless bicycle seats covered up by grocery bags! 

We have made massive strides since first coming up with the concept. From the idea, to hand making countless prototypes, to applying for multiple U.S. patents, to launching a Kickstart campaign, to our product in mass production, and everything in between, it’s been an amazing experience! We cannot wait to share our “baby” with the world! 

To ensure you receive a Batch #1 CLOAK’D Saddle Bag, pre-order between now and the end of January 2016 for 30% off our Kickstarter pricing, by using promo code: MASSPRODO


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CLOAK'D has come a long way!

Welcome Seth

I am pleased to announce that Seth King recently joined the CLOAK'D team as the Chief Operating Officer! Seth, originally from Bloomington, is currently living in Nashville Tennessee. Seth has always been an entrepreneur at heart and is ecstatic to join the team! Learn about his amazing story at: about.me/sethking

CLOAK'D Advancements

In just a few months since our last blog, the CLOAK'D team has accomplished countless tasks! The most exciting achievement is that we recently found our manufacturing partner! It's amazing seeing a handmade proof-of-concept turn into a professional product. As our Kickstarter launch is now imminent, and we are more than excited to get our product in YOUR hands!