Introducing: The CLOAK'D™ Saddle Bag
The only Saddle Bag with a Built-In Water Resistant Seat Cover.

CLOAK'D™ Sizing Chart

Bicycle saddles come in all shapes and sizes. Please use the following sizing chart to determine which size seat cover you require. Note that the chart shows the maximum seat size that the cover will fit. As a rule of thumb: the small/medium seat cover will fit almost all saddles that come standard with new bicycles.

CLOAK'D Saddle Bag
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Breakdown of Product Features

  • The patent pending CLOAK'D Saddle Bag includes a water resistant saddle bag and waterproof seat cover
  • Easily accessible seat cover storable in a breathable mesh side pocket 
  • Adjustable straps for easy installation 
  • Durable material for vigorous riders and extreme weather
  • Bicycle saddle bag for storing valuables or tools during your commute
  • Rigid and waterproof material on the bottom of the saddle bag protecting your items from tires splashing up water/mud
  • Detachable seat cover for extra storage or new seat cover designs
  • Environmentally friendly seat cover designed to last - no more plastic bags
  • Specific seat cover sizes ensure a secure fit
Seat Cover Size:
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